• Microsoft's ARM blunder: 7 reasons why Windows RT was DOA

    Windows on ARMAnalysis Industry doomsayers were circling Windows 8 like buzzards before it even launched, but they picked the wrong carcass. Microsoft's real 2012 roadkill was Win8's ARM-powered cousin, Windows RT.

  • Microsoft Surface users account for 8% of Windows 8 devices worldwide, dominates RT category

    Windows on ARMLatest data from advertisement network AdDuplex reveals usage statistics of both Windows 8 and Windows RT in the first month of 2013. Information presented in this report was collected on January 14th (112 Windows Store apps running the AdDuplex SDK). As well as usages, Windows RT devices and multiple geographic locations are also included.

  • Why Windows RT is hurtling toward disaster

    Windows on ARMAh, Vegas. It's the place where dreams are realized, and hearts are shattered. As such, probably no more appropriate venue exists to showcase the massive gamble that is Windows RT, Microsoft's first tablet-focused operating system, and the first Windows version created expressly for ARM processors.

  • Breaking Analysis: Microsoft Downplays Windows RT Hack

    Windows on ARMOn Sunday, it was reported that the Windows RT operating system had been hacked to allow unsigned ARM desktop applications to run.  Microsoft responded quickly to say that it was investigating the findings and is now saying that it doesn't consider this to be a security vulnerability.

  • ARM CEO says Windows RT is just a start, launch has been restricted so far by Microsoft

    Windows on ARMI spoke with ARM CEO Warren East at CES on Tuesday, who was kind enough to explain the complexities of his company's business model, along with addressing some of the exciting opportunities and challenges ARM is up against — in short, Microsoft and Intel.

  • Windows RT Jailbreak Silliness

    Windows on ARMReports from earlier in the week suggested that Windows RT had been "jailbroken" by hackers, an event I ignored because the outcome was so obvious. And, as expected, Microsoft has confirmed the hack and will simply fix it in a pending update. But why does everyone take this stuff so seriously?

  • What Will Tegra 4 Mean to Windows RT?

    Windows on ARMNVIDIA this week unveiled the Tegra 4, which it describes as the world's fastest mobile processor. Given the lackluster performance of Windows RT on the Tegra 4's predecessor, I'm curious whether NVIDIA's stated advances will lead to better Windows RT devices in the near future, and perhaps a new Surface RT.

  • Is Windows RT Killing Microsoft?

    Windows on ARMAs some analysts scale back the number of Surface tablets that Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) will sell this quarter, the bigger concern now is if the device's Windows RT operating system is hurting Mr. Softy itself.

  • Surface RT sales are probably quite good, you just don't know it

    Windows on ARMThe "Microsoft tablet is a failure meme" was old from the start. Every day there's some new blog based on rumor or innuendo assuring everyone who pays attention that Surface is doomed and sales are this side of worse than terrible. There is so much nonsense punditry, I don't know where to start.

  • Windows RT, not Windows 8, is Microsoft's tablet future

    Windows on ARMAt Microsoft's shareholder meeting last week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said, "Sometimes getting innovation right across hardware and software is difficult unless you do both of them." He's right, of course – innovative software is set up by equally innovative hardware.

  • Analysis: Windows RT struggles to win admirers

    Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted that sales of the company's much-hyped Surface tablet had been "modest", it did little more than raise a few eyebrows. Then, a few days later, the chief of the company's Windows division, Steven Sinofsky, resigned.

  • Is Windows RT the ultimate example of using Telemetry?

    Windows on ARMI've long been thinking of doing a series of postings on both Microsoft and the industry's use of telemetry and was about ready to start when I realized I'd rather put a cart before the horse.  Many have scratched their head about Windows RT, and in particular its lack of support for third-party "desktop" apps.  Ultimately I think Windows RT is the result of heavy reliance on telemetry.

  • Windows RT vs Win 8app development requires specific integration, says Microsoft partner

    Windows on ARMGetting to grips with Windows RT's development environments, and converting full-strength Windows 8 apps down to its cut-down RT partner is "nuanced" work that requires "quite a lot [developers] will need to "implement specifically," Microsoft cloud partner Aditi's CTO Wade Wegner has told Computing.

  • Why there's no 16GB Surface RT

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - Microsoft has confirmed what many had suspected, that it didn't offer a 16GB Surface RT tablet because there would have been virtually no room for customer content on the device.

  • Surface with Windows RT is No PC Replacement

    Windows on ARMHollywood often withholds badly conceived movies from reviewers so that bad press doesn't adversely affect the opening weekend box office. So it was with Surface with Windows RT, for me at least: Microsoft refused to let me even peek at this machine ahead of the launch day. And although the Surface is no dud -- in fact, it's very well made -- Surface RT is no PC replacement.

  • Windows RT Surface tablet boasts excellent design, but its still a tough sell

    Windows on ARMAfter forcing myself to use Microsoft's Surface tablet running Windows RT, I came away genuinely impressed. In such a crowded market, though, the Surface still faces an uphill battle.

  • Windows Store has enough apps to prevent Windows RT flop, say analysts

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - The apps for Microsoft's new Windows operating systems are good enough to entice early buyers of tablets and other touch devices, analysts said Sunday. But the jury remains out on Microsoft's long-term chances of winning its unprecedented bet on Windows 8 and the spin-off, Windows RT.

  • Windows RT and Surface Tablet: Microsoft's Deliberate Smokescreen and Balancing Act

    Windows on ARMA case could be made that Microsoft has done a poor job marketing Windows 8. Given that it is spending upwards of a billion (with a B) dollars on promotions, the problem is not in hyping the new operating system, but in explaining the differences between Windows 8 for x86 devices and Windows RT, the Windows 8 designed for ARM-based machines.

  • Windows RT explained: Microsoft finally gets tablet computing right

    Windows on ARMWindows RT is a version of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system that has been tailored specifically for tablets and notebooks powered by ARM processors. The new OS represents a massive shift for the Redmond-based company, as it is both the first version to support ARM SoCs and the first iteration to enable interaction on a tablet as enjoyable as a mouse and keyboard are on the desktop version of the OS.

  • Surface RT: Freedom luvin' app-huggers beware

    Windows on ARMA hybrid with potential for productivity types - "It's the ultimate expression of a Windows PC," says Windows chief Steven Sinofsky... or "a compromised, confusing product", according to Apple's Tim Cook, who has not used one. This is Surface RT, Microsoft's first own-brand tablet, which went on sale today.

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