• Windows 8 on ARM Won't Have Security Software: Will You Be Safe?

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is preparing to launch Windows 8 and its companion Windows Store for later this month, which will have a broad swath of applications for desktop and tablet users alike, with one exception.

  • Intel's "Clover Trail" Chip For Windows 8 Tablets Challenges Windows RT

    Windows on ARMIntel introduced a new wrinkle into the Windows 8 tablet market on Thursday by launching an upgrade of its entry-level Atom chip line best known for (under)powering netbooks. The more powerful but still low-cost  Windows 8-compatible microprocessor challenges the need for Windows RT tablets powered by ARM chips.

  • Microsoft enters the Windows 'RT era'

    Windows on ARMI'm having one of those "duh" moments this afternoon, actually it started in the AM. Gartner analysts today profess the obvious: Windows 8 is a gamble, but one Microsoft must make to stay relevant. Really? Like we haven't said similarly here at BetaNews, and others elsewhere, for months. Given, the only good news today seems to be iPhone 5, and we're all so tired here of promoting Apple's Jesus Phone (could the Second Coming really get this much press), anything Windows 8 is welcome.

  • Intel, AMD dally with Windows 8 on ARM

    Windows on ARMSeptember 18, 2012, 8:29 AM — It's getting so you need a scorecard to keep up with the relationships between Linux and ARM chips these days.

  • Microsoft Hands Out Windows 8 PCs and Surface RT Tablets to All Employees Worldwide

    Windows on ARMClaiming that Google is the best place to work (and live) in the world is more like a cliché these days, but Microsoft apparently continues its efforts to at least get closer to its Mountain View-based rival.

  • Price will determine Windows RT's success or failure

    Windows on ARMWindows 8, or more precisely Windows RT, marks a re-entry into the tablet market. Since Spring 2010, the Redmond, Wash.-based company watched Apple become the dominant segment player with iPad. In October, Windows-based tablets will push into a category Microsoft pioneered a decade ago but ceded to an upstart. Price will mean everything.

  • Breaking through Windows RT: why Microsoft needs to drop the desktop

    Windows on ARMLast month at IFA 2012, we got our first real look at Microsoft's Windows RT operating system — designed to run on ARM-based chipsets. Shrouded in mystery since its conception, RT is positioned as an OS that could, perhaps, rival iOS on tablet hardware. However, one big part of RT's mystery was revealed at IFA — the operating system will include a full desktop mode that's near-identical to its Windows 8 counterpart.

  • Don't Write Off Windows RT Tablets for Business

    Windows on ARMMany writers and manufacturers say Windows 8 Pro tablets are for business and Windows RT (Runtime) tablets are for consumers. Although there's some merit to this pigeon-holing, pigeons can live in many locations. CIOs shouldn't write off Windows RT for business.

  • Is 64GB storage enough for a Windows RT tablet?

    Windows on ARMSummary: As we create and carry around with us more and more digital detritus, is the maximum of 64GB of storage available on Windows RT tablets going to be enough once users start throwing software and files at it?

  • Hands on with Windows RT (finally)

    Windows on ARMSummary: With this week's unveiling of a handful of Windows RT devices, we finally have a chance to see how well the previously mythical RT desktop works.

  • Windows RT Grows More Mysterious as Launch Nears

    Windows on ARMI expected we would be seeing more clarity on the distinctions between Windows 8 and its Windows RT sibling (for ARM processor devices) as the expected late October launch grows closer. But the picture seems to be growing murkier instead.

  • New Windows RT tablets raise competition among ARM chip makers

    Windows on ARMNew Windows RT tablets announced at the IFA trade show in Berlin have intensified competition among ARM-based chip makers, which are adding unique capabilities to processors so tablets become more attractive to buyers based on performance and features.

  • Windows RT Ecosystem Surfaces

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is sharing more details about Windows RT, the version of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system that runs on ARM-based tablets, and its original equipment manufacturers.

  • Yes, Microsoft can price the Surface for $199 and make a profit. Here's how

    Windows on ARMEveryone has focussed on the headline price tag for Microsoft's forthcoming tablet, and forgotten about the alternative ways that exist to get customers to pay for things they buy.

  • Microsoft $199 Surface RT Could Burn Kindle Fire

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft plans to introduce its Surface RT tablet for a loss-leading $199, according to a published report. If accurate, it means Redmond's entry into the hardware market could cause big headaches for rivals.

  • Is there any way claims of a $199 Microsoft Surface RT makes sense?

    Windows on ARMSummary: There are now two reports claiming Microsoft plans to price its Windows-on-ARM tablet for $199. Would subsidies, subscriptions and/or separately priced add-ons make this low-ball price plausible?

  • Is Microsoft planning to ditch Intel post-Windows 8?

    Windows on ARMIt's a radical thought. What if Microsoft is secretly planning to ditch Intel? With all of the recent talk about Windows RT"PCs", distinctions between the consumer roles associated with RT-based devices and the more traditional PC roles normally reserved for Intel-based systems have become blurred.

  • Implementation and apps the key to Surface RT tablets

    Windows on ARMSummary: The Microsoft Surface RT tablet is an exciting entrant to the mobile space, with so much riding on how well Windows RT meshes with the tablet hardware. The public reaction to Surface RT will ride on the implementation of the OS and the apps.

  • Windows RT (Windows 8 ARM) also reaches RTM status

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft made its deadline for the completion of the Windows 8 RTM (Release to Manufacturing) build as they previously scheduled. However, that wasn't the only Windows-based OS that got the official sign off today.

  • What Windows On ARM Really Means For Intel

    Windows on ARMThe question on everyone's mind as Microsoft (MSFT) prepares its Windows 8 launch is whether chips based on ARM Holdings' (ARMH) designs gain significant traction in the Windows 8 PC market, and if this will represent a significant dent to Intel's (INTC) PC chip dominance.

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