• Windows RT is not yet optimized for Tegra 3 chips

    Windows on ARMThe Tegra 3 SoC by NVIDIA can be found under the hood of many Android smartphones and tablets. Even a video game console – the Ouya, which got Kickstarted not long ago, is powered by this potent quad-core piece of silicon. Microsoft also chose a Tegra 3 chip to be the heart and brains of its Windows RT Surface tablet.

  • Windows RT vs Win 8app development requires specific integration, says Microsoft partner

    Windows on ARMGetting to grips with Windows RT's development environments, and converting full-strength Windows 8 apps down to its cut-down RT partner is "nuanced" work that requires "quite a lot [developers] will need to "implement specifically," Microsoft cloud partner Aditi's CTO Wade Wegner has told Computing.

  • Russian Startup Develops x86 Emulator for ARM, Could Be Great for Windows RT Devices

    Windows on ARMEmulators are a fantastic tool to get antique Atari ST, Amiga and C64 games to run on your PC. In the future, there may be an emulator that is solving ARM headaches.

  • Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Windows RT

    Windows on ARMThe Foxit Embedded PDF SDK for Windows RT is software development toolkit that enables Windows RT developers to support applications on Windows RT platforms, Foxit Embedded PDF SDK allows developers to leverage PDF technology to securely display, search, and annotate PDF documents and to fill PDF forms.

  • ARM, Microsoft collaborating on 64-bit Windows version

    Windows on ARMIDG News Service - ARM is working with Microsoft to tune the Windows OS to work on processors based on ARM's 64-bit architecture, an ARM official said this week. Ian Forsyth, program manager at ARM, could not comment on a specific release date for the 64-bit version of Windows for ARM processors, but said ARM is continuously working with software partners to add 64-bit support.

  • Developer Break: XAML for Windows RT, using Mercurial with Perforce

    Windows on ARMDeveloper Break – catch up on the smaller but important notes for developers, from libraries to APIs and from people to postings. This week: XAML development for Windows RT, Cubetto for iPhones, two new projects from GitHub, Mercurial support in Perforce, IBM Rational Lifecycle Integration Adapters Standard Edition and a cloud-based music and sound effects API.

  • I love Windows 8, but Surface RT is for early adopters and developers

    Windows on ARMSummary: Surface RT has too many limitations to make it practical for me to own an ARM-based Microsoft Windows Tablet today. But that will change over time.

  • Now that it's here, is there a place for Windows RT?

    Windows on ARMThe CPU landscape has changed since Microsoft begin porting Windows to ARM - When news broke in December 2010 that Microsoft was going to port Windows to ARM, I said it made no sense.

  • Optimizing Word for Windows RT

    Windows on ARMLike you, we here on the Word team are pumped about Windows 8 and Windows RT. We’re equally excited to be shipping Office Home & Student 2013 RT with Windows RT devices. Knowing this, one question you might have is: “How is Word being optimized for Windows RT?”

  • Microsoft narrates how it ported Office to Windows RT, details differences with the Win 8 version

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft outed a post yesterday at the Office blog, where it detailed for the first time the work done to port Microsoft Office to the ARM processor architecture that the iPad and Android tablets are using.

  • Microsoft Details Office For Windows RT, Will Be Available In Early November

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is about to release a groundbreaking version of its popular Windows operating system, although with the usual frenzy surrounding the iPhone 5, you certainly wouldn't know it. As well as releasing for desktop as per usual, Windows 8 will be available for tablets such as the Surface, and as well as Windows Phone 8 for – you've guessed it – smartphones, a special, tablet-friendly iteration will be released for Windows 8 RT.

  • Breaking through Windows RT: why Microsoft needs to drop the desktop

    Windows on ARMLast month at IFA 2012, we got our first real look at Microsoft's Windows RT operating system — designed to run on ARM-based chipsets. Shrouded in mystery since its conception, RT is positioned as an OS that could, perhaps, rival iOS on tablet hardware. However, one big part of RT's mystery was revealed at IFA — the operating system will include a full desktop mode that's near-identical to its Windows 8 counterpart.

  • Microsoft Australia claims Windows RT devices cost up to $1,000

    Windows on ARMShocked? You're not the only one. As Long Zheng noted, Microsoft Australia is running a competition during the Australian version of TechEd (TechEd Australia), where 50 winners will each receive a Windows RT device. The competition itself seems pretty straight forward, until you notice that Microsoft Australia is claiming that these devices could be worth as much as $1,000 apiece.

  • Metro style app development for Windows RT PCs

    Windows on ARMThis paper addresses various aspects of developing Metro style apps for Windows RT. The bulk of Metro style app development practices are the same for both Windows 8 and Windows RT, but in a few scenarios Windows RT and the hardware particular to these PCs may require special consideration.

  • .NET Development for ARM Processors

    Windows on ARMConsumers are a large driver of the technology market today. As evidenced by the trend known as "the consumerization of IT," long battery life and always-connected and media-rich experiences are important to all technology customers.

  • Microsoft Highlights Windows RT Software Development

    Windows on ARMWith Windows RT tablets and devices starting to finally make their first tentative steps into the world at TechEd 2012 this week, Microsoft has responded to mounting questions about the platform and has provided the first detailed information for developers.

  • Microsoft: Building Metro apps for ARM the same as for Intel PCs

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft vows that developing a Metro-style application for upcoming Windows ARM PCs is the same as developing Metro applications for PCs running Intel processors.

  • What you need to know about developing for Windows on ARM (WOA)

    Windows on ARMYou’ve probably heard about the new Windows on ARM PCs that will be coming to market with Windows 8. If you’ve been following the TechEd North America coverage, then you’ve also seen these devices in the keynote. In this post, we’re going to cover what this all means for developers.

  • Microsoft is turning its back on HTC for Windows RT

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has to make a tremendous play in the tablet segment if it hopes to catch the lead that Apple has established. New information coming from Bloomberg states that Microsoft has turned its back on HTC when it comes to providing them the necessary information to build a Windows RT tablet.

  • Mozilla product director says Firefox on Window RT 'probably not worth it'

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - A Mozilla product director yesterday said that unless Microsoft allows other browser makers to call important APIs in Windows RT, it is "probably not worth it to even bother" building a version of Firefox for the new operating system.

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