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Windows on ARMThe Surface RT isn't the only Windows RT tablet coming this year. Four others will debut over the next few months to challenge Microsoft's likely Windows tablet dominance.

Windows RT tablets are coming. Soon. Very soon. "What's Windows RT" you ask? Well, it would take a scientist to explain it and we unfortunately don't have one on staff (yet). Thankfully, we do have Seth Rosenblatt, who's all too happy (or as close as he gets to happy) to break it down for you.

For those not looking to have anything broken, I'll give you the basic gist. Windows RT is essentially the "lite" version of Windows 8. It runs on ARM processors (cheaper and more energy efficient than their Intel counterparts) and is optimized for Microsoft's Windows 8 Metro interface.

Microsoft Surface RT

Of the first batch of RT tablets, the most anticipated is undoubtedly the Microsoft Surface RT. The future of Windows tablets is riding on the success of the Surface, which itself is riding on the price Microsoft decides for it.

Let's hope it aims low, but based on the Windows RT prices we've seen so far (see below) you may want to start saving those pennies.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT