Review: Surface 2

2013-Oct-24 | Tags: reviewsurface-2

Windows on ARMThe Surface 2 represents a fresh start for Microsoft’s tablet line. Sure, you could easily say that it’s the second installment of the Surface RT (now simply called Surface), but with a new marketing campaign, a new name (Microsoft has dropped the RT branding entirely), beefed up internals and an updated operating system, Surface 2 is almost entirely new in every way, shape and form.

What Microsoft has done with Surface 2 is a lot like what it did with Windows 8.1 (read Neowin’s review here): introduced a refined product that has matured in its capabilities. But a product is only as good as its marketing campaign, and Microsoft has already started to show off a cleaner, more focused, campaign to educate the consumer. Not to mention that the back of the device now says “Surface” instead of showing the Windows logo.

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