• Qualcomm Works with Microsoft to Offer Snapdragon 800 processors for Windows RT 8.1

    Windows on ARMQualcomm Snapdragon 800 processors deliver high performance, low power and integrated 3G/4G LTE for next generation Windows RT 8.1 tablets, convertibles and notebooks

  • Qualcomm defends Windows RT tablets despite lackluster sales, biting criticism

    Windows on ARMA Qualcomm executive Friday defended Windows RT tablets despite poor initial sales, saying the mobile device chip maker is "very optimistic with the future of Win RT."

  • Dell XPS 10 Hands-On: $499 Windows RT Tablet Uses Qualcomm CPU

    Windows on ARMWe haven't seen too many Windows RT tablets on the market–the Surface and the ASUS VivoTab RT are the two most notable–but Dell entered the fray with the XPS 10, a $499 tablet that uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor.

  • Tally of Windows RT Apps Surging, Ballmer Says

    Windows on ARMJan. 8 (Bloomberg) -- Microsoft Corp. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer talks about the increase of applications for new Windows tablets. Ballmer spoke yesterday at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Qualcomm Chief Executive Officer Paul Jacobs also speaks. (Source: Bloomberg)

  • How Microsoft became a control freak with tablet makers

    Windows on ARMThe way Microsoft works with its hardware manufacturers fundamentally changed with the release of Windows RT. Now those longtime partners are figuring out how to deal with it.

  • Samsung ATIV Tab Review: Qualcomm's First Windows RT Tablet

    Windows on ARMI remember writing Intel and telling them that, from a tablet perspective, the Windows 8 launch might as well have been a Windows RT launch. By the time October 23rd rolled around, the only Windows tablets we had in for review were ARM based and running Windows RT. I even resorted to borrowing an unfinished Clover Trail tablet just so we'd have something to put Surface RT's performance in perspective at launch.

  • New Windows RT tablets raise competition among ARM chip makers

    Windows on ARMNew Windows RT tablets announced at the IFA trade show in Berlin have intensified competition among ARM-based chip makers, which are adding unique capabilities to processors so tablets become more attractive to buyers based on performance and features.

  • Qualcomm bets on Windows RT tablets and hybrids

    Windows on ARMSummary: At Qualcomm's developer conference, CEO Paul Jacobs said tablets with its Snapdragon processor will be available when Windows RT launches.But will many hardware makers rush to challenge low-priced Android tablets, Apple's iPad and Microsoft's own Surface?

  • Computex Demos Show WinRT Progress

    Windows on ARMWhile Windows 8 was just about everywhere at Computex, a few vendors also championed upcoming tablets running WinRT, essentially Windows 8 running on ARM-based processors. What I saw in demos from Nvidia, Qualcomm, and TI was clearly not finished, but it was quite impressive and revealed interesting tradeoffs compared with Windows on traditional x86 architectures.

  • Qualcomm ready to launch Snapdragon line for Windows RT

    Windows on ARMQualcomm this week revealed some ambitious plans for its Snapdragon S4 processors, highlighted by a demo at Computex that showcased the ARM-based System-on-a-Chip (SoC) running Windows RT.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Tablet running Windows 8 RT

    Windows on ARMWindows 8 RT on Snapdragon S4 Tablet - http://www.netbooknews.com - We are taking a look at the new Snapdragon S4 reference design tablet running Windows 8 RT

  • Qualcomm Super ARM CPU Benchmark Revealed

    Windows on ARMIt seems that ARM's Cortex A15 architecture is getting ready to deliver yet another blow to Intel's low-performing Atom. A new Qualcomm ARM CPU has apparently made some waves on the GLBenchmark database.

  • Windows RT devices will see limited release initially

    Windows on ARMOnly a handful of Windows RT devices will appear initially, as Microsoft wades slowly into new Windows waters, sources told CNET. Chipmakers Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments will initially get two "slots" each for devices, according to sources familiar with Microsoft's plans.

  • Would you buy this Nokia Windows tablet?

    Windows on ARMLast week, Nokia's outgoing chairman spilled the beans on the company's plans for a range of tablets and 'hybrid' devices. Although Nokia later attempted to distance itself from his comments, let's face it: the arrival of a Nokia tablet is a certainty - a question of when, not if.

  • Qualcomm Aims for Ultrabook Market With ARM SoC

    Windows on ARMQualcomm hopes its success and experience in the mobile phone market will translate into worth competition for Intel's massive ultrabook push. The San Diego chip giant is preparing a line of ARM-based processors for super-thin notebooks and/or tablets running Windows 8.

  • Qualcomm hints at Snapdragon-based laptops

    Windows on ARMWhile Intel's Ultrabook spec gains weight, the competition is slimming down with mobile giant Qualcomm announcing plans to produce chips for ultra-slim Windows 8 laptops.

  • Qualcomm developing quad-core ARM chip for Windows 8 laptops

    Windows on ARMChip-maker Qualcomm makes low power processors for smartphones and tablets. A few years ago the company also wanted to see its chips in small laptop-like devices it called smartbooks, but that form factor never took off. That could change when Windows 8 hits the streets later this year.

  • Qualcomm forced to license Imagination GPUs for Windows 8 on ARM

    Windows on ARMAlthough Windows 8 will be available for ARM-based mobile processors in addition to the usual x86 chips, don't expect to find the exactly same software running on an Intel Core i5 and an ARM-based quad-core Tegra 3. Nonetheless, the Windows 8 graphic design (and the technical requirements associated) will remain the same in both Windows 8 versions.

  • Nokia Windows 8 tablet rumored for Q4 2012: 10-inch screen and dual-core Qualcomm chip

    Windows on ARMDigiTimes reports word from supplier sources that Nokia will enter the Windows on ARMrace with a 10-inch Windows 8 tablet running on a dual-core Qualcomm SoC near the end of this year. More specifically, the suggestion is that Q4 2012 will be "the earliest" that Nokia will be able to offer its own tablet device.

  • Microsoft shows Windows on ARM tablet designs

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - BARCELONA -- Windows on ARM-based reference design touchscreen tablets made an appearance on stage here today at Microsoft's Windows 8 Consumer Preview event at Mobile World Congress.

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