• Windows RT and Office 2013 RT video demo

    Windows on ARMNow that Microsoft's Windows 8 and Windows RT operating systems have been finalized, we're starting to see more and more ARM-based Windows RT tablets from OEMs. At IFA 2012 this week, Dell, Samsung, and Asus all had their Windows RT-powered tablets on display. We've seen some prototypes running older builds of Windows RT, and even production models running the new operating system — but most vendors have been reluctant to let us get a good look at Microsoft's ARM OS.

  • Samsung Ativ Tab with Windows RT review: first look

    Windows on ARMIt’s been a long wait to see Windows RT in action, but here it is – and unsurprisingly it’s rather a lot like Windows 8. Samsung introduced three Windows 8 tablets in Berlin, and while the Ativ Smart PC and Smart PC Pro are Intel-powered devices, the Samsung Ativ Tab is the long-awaited ARM-powered Windows RT baby of the three.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT