• Microsoft Surface with Windows RT three months on

    Windows on ARMThe Microsoft Surface with Windows RT has been on sale for around three months. Although it landed with considerable fanfare, recent estimates suggest that Microsoft may have only sold around 1 million since the device went on sale.

  • Microsoft Surface users account for 8% of Windows 8 devices worldwide, dominates RT category

    Windows on ARMLatest data from advertisement network AdDuplex reveals usage statistics of both Windows 8 and Windows RT in the first month of 2013. Information presented in this report was collected on January 14th (112 Windows Store apps running the AdDuplex SDK). As well as usages, Windows RT devices and multiple geographic locations are also included.

  • Windows RT tablets could use Nvidia Tegra 4 including the next Microsoft Surface RT: Report

    Windows on ARMPerhaps the biggest attraction of CES 2013 was Nvidia's Tegra 4 mobile CPU, which combines 4-ARM Cortex A15 cores, plus a phantom core for low power tasks and 72-core GPU.  DigiTimes is reporting that the Tegra 4 could find its way in a number of Windows RT tablets that are released in 2013, including the next Surface RT tablet made by Microsoft.

  • My 60 days with the Surface RT

    Windows on ARMSummary: After more than two months of day-in and day-out use, the strengths and weaknesses of the Microsoft Surface and Windows RT are easier to see. Here's a long-term update.

  • Microsoft Surface RT Battery Recharging Tips

    Windows on ARMNot much is known about the battery integrated into Microsoft's Surface RT, as the company has always avoided to provide clear autonomy figures for its first tablet in history. Apart from the fact that it's equipped with a 31.5 W-h battery, the Surface RT is said to provide an autonomy of approximately 8 hours when browsing the web on Wi-Fi, watching clips or listening to music.

  • Windows Bug Unexpectedly Mutes Surface RT Sound – Microsoft

    Windows on ARMPlenty of users have already reported a bug that causes the sound to be unexpectedly muted when using the Touch Cover on a Surface RT, with Microsoft always saying that it's investigating the issue.

  • Softpedia Interview: Toyota Racing Development on Windows 8 and Surface RT

    Windows on ARMTRD officially released the so-called Trackside app a few days ago, proving everybody that Microsoft's Surface RT, the company's first tablet in history, could be used for quite a wide array of tasks.

  • Microsoft Surface RT Best Tablet Ever, 'Reviewers' Gush

    Windows on ARMForget for a moment that it won't run Windows apps, starts at $200 more than Kindle Fire HD and doesn't have a Facebook app. The consensus among those who purchased Microsoft's Windows 8 tablet from Best Buy is that it is pretty much the best computing device in history.

  • Microsoft is right to expand Surface RT availability -- too bad about timing

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft's plans to greatly expand Surface RT sales to third-party retailers accomplishes two things. One: Rebuts unfounded rumors that the tablet sells poorly or that the company has cut fab orders by half. Two: Makes the tablet available in enough places to be truly successful. Honestly, I am so fraking sick of so-called professional blogs (and some news sites) writing rumor stories based on a single source -- or worse using another site's report based on unnamed source(s).

  • Microsoft pushes Surface RT to more retailers

    Windows on ARMThe first tablet produced by Microsoft, Surface RT, has the public's attention for a number of reasons. While some customers have found it to be a winner, there has been quite a debate over actual sales figures. Much of that controversy has swirled around the company's decision to limit availability to Microsoft's Web store and the few Microsoft brick and mortar stores across the U.S.

  • Surface RT sales are probably quite good, you just don't know it

    Windows on ARMThe "Microsoft tablet is a failure meme" was old from the start. Every day there's some new blog based on rumor or innuendo assuring everyone who pays attention that Surface is doomed and sales are this side of worse than terrible. There is so much nonsense punditry, I don't know where to start.

  • If you're asking, 'why does Windows RT do it like that?' The answer's battery life

    Windows on ARMWhy can't you run desktop applications on Windows RT? If you look back at the picture of Windows running on an ARM smartphone, way back when Microsoft began experimenting with moving the Windows code to the ARM chip, you don't see a WinRT app. You see Solitaire — a familiar desktop app. If the desktop, a Windows application, can run and if Office, a (significantly rewritten) desktop app, can run, then why not other desktop apps?

  • Windows RT vs. Windows 8 Pro: Choose the right tablet for work

    Windows on ARMThere is a diverse array of tablet options to daze and amaze shoppers this holiday season. Microsoft has a solid contender with its current Surface tablet, but it runs the more limited Windows RT operating system that was designed for use with ARM-based processors. I've already examined how the Surface RT beats the iPad, and how the iPad beats the Surface RT, but how what about tablets that run the more powerful Windows 8 Pro OS?

  • Why Surface RT? Part 6: Windows RT

    Windows on ARMWhile the iPad has certain ecosystem advantages over the recently-released Surface with Windows RT, Microsoft's entry does of course edge out the Apple device in some key areas as well. For Surface, a big advantage is that it runs Windows RT, a version of Windows that retains the best of the past while providing the foundation for the future.

  • O2 to Release 3G Support for Windows RT and Surface RT

    Windows on ARMAs you probably know by now, Microsoft's Surface RT tablet doesn't feature 3G support, so browsing the Internet without a Wi-Fi connection is practically impossible.

  • Cutting the Confusion of Microsoft's End-of-Life Support for Surface RT

    Windows on ARMYou might not be thinking about it right now, but if you're a recent owner (or to-be purchaser) of one of Microsoft's new Surface RT tablets with Windows RT baked in, there will come a day when Microsoft will no longer officially support your device.

  • Microsoft commits to Surface with Windows RT for at least four years

    Windows on ARMSummary: Nearly a month after its initial release, Windows RT still has no official support policy. But Microsoft has declared its support lifecycle for the Surface hardware powered by Windows RT.

  • Microsoft Surface RT Review - This Is Not the Actual iPad Killer

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is no longer just a software company, it's a devices and services firm that does a lot more than advanced software solutions. The world renowned Windows creator has slowly migrated towards a completely different approach, one that seems to be the only viable solution to remain profitable in a world that's no longer focused on software exclusively.

  • Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet problems: Great specs, but issues inevitable

    Windows on ARMEverything great also comes with issues and problems. Microsoft Windows RT Surface tablet despite coming with best specs has many issues to sort out - We already know that the Surface RT tablet has issues. The question is: how many? Just some weeks back users were reporting a strange muting effect on the Surface audio. It would go on and off on its own, there were also some jagged noises. Then there was the keyboard issue. The custom made touch cover was showing splits at the seams.

  • Microsoft sued over Surface for Windows RT storage debacle

    Windows on ARMIt was only a matter of time before Microsoft got into a legal debacle with the new lineup of products that it has recently launched. Andrew Sokolowski, a California-based lawyer is suing Microsoft for misleading the public with respect to the free space available on the 32GB version of the Surface RT tablet.

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