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  • Microsoft Surface RT Tablet Priced To Compete With iPad, Not Android

    Windows on ARMIt's official: the Windows RT version of Microsoft's Surface tablet is priced way higher than its Android competitors, and more on par with the new iPad. Is it worth it? Early reactions say probably not.

  • Microsoft's Surface RT pricing 'aggressive,' 'mystifying,' say analysts

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - Microsoft's pricing of its Surface RT tablet was called "aggressive" by some analysts today, "mystifying" by others, even as they all remained skeptical that it's low enough to make inroads on the dominant player, Apple's iPad.

  • Surface RT: Pricing details, spec updates, and impromptu Touch Cover testing

    Windows on ARMThe waiting game is over. Microsoft's Surface RT tablet makes the leap from hardware cipher to hardware reality. Today I can answer many of the questions the world has been asking since June 18, the day when Microsoft first announced Surface RT, the company's bid to become a full-fledged provocateur of hardware lust in this age of fetishized iPads, Fires and Nexus 7s.

  • Microsoft Surface with Windows RT: 5 things to consider before buying

    Windows on ARMBefore you head online to pre-order Microsoft's Surface with Windows RT (Surface RT) device starting Tuesday at noon Eastern, you'll want to make sure this is the right device for you. Do you need to run traditional Windows programs? Would you rather have a device that has a heftier keyboard dock? Have you looked at the other Windows 8-powered devices headed your way? Buying a Windows RT slate is not going to be as simple as buying an iPad or Android tablet, so before you buy here's a look at five things to consider.

  • Microsoft prices Surface RT against iPad

    Windows on ARMWell, file this in the don't believe anything you read on the Internet department. Contrary to relentless rumors that Microsoft Surface would start at $199, actual cost will be $300 more. Rather than price against tablets selling for $299 or less, Surface competes with iPad, while offering more storage for less cost. But iPad has the way upper hand on screen resolution, which is a compelling feature.

  • At $499, is Microsoft's Surface tablet priced to move?

    Windows on ARMSurface tablet pricing will start at $499, Microsoft confirmed today. But is that low enough to entice reams of buyers? - Right off the bat, that price does have at least two things going for it. One, it comes with 32GB of storage not 16GB like the identically priced Apple iPad. Two, it comes with Microsoft Office -- for now that means Microsoft Office Home and Student 2013 RT Preview. (The final Office version "will be installed via Windows Update when available," according to Microsoft.)

  • Microsoft Surface and its rivals: The first wave of Windows RT tablets

    Windows on ARMThe Surface RT isn't the only Windows RT tablet coming this year. Four others will debut over the next few months to challenge Microsoft's likely Windows tablet dominance.

  • Poll: How much would you pay for a Microsoft Surface RT tablet?

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft surprised everyone on June 18th by announcing their brand new tablets. Microsoft Surface is the way Microsoft sees tablets and supposedly the best way to enjoy Windows 8. It comes in two versions: RT and Pro.

  • Microsoft Hands Out Windows 8 PCs and Surface RT Tablets to All Employees Worldwide

    Windows on ARMClaiming that Google is the best place to work (and live) in the world is more like a cliché these days, but Microsoft apparently continues its efforts to at least get closer to its Mountain View-based rival.

  • Yes, Microsoft can price the Surface for $199 and make a profit. Here's how

    Windows on ARMEveryone has focussed on the headline price tag for Microsoft's forthcoming tablet, and forgotten about the alternative ways that exist to get customers to pay for things they buy.

  • Report claims $199 Surface tablet has OEMs nervous

    Windows on ARMWe recently reported that a new rumor suggested that the Surface RT could sell for as low as $199. While we are not holding our breath that it will come true considering what Microsoft has said in the past about the price point for the product, apparently the news has made enough waves to put OEMs on the edge of their seat.

  • Microsoft $199 Surface RT Could Burn Kindle Fire

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft plans to introduce its Surface RT tablet for a loss-leading $199, according to a published report. If accurate, it means Redmond's entry into the hardware market could cause big headaches for rivals.

  • Is there any way claims of a $199 Microsoft Surface RT makes sense?

    Windows on ARMSummary: There are now two reports claiming Microsoft plans to price its Windows-on-ARM tablet for $199. Would subsidies, subscriptions and/or separately priced add-ons make this low-ball price plausible?

  • Microsoft Surface RT to cost $199.99? Doubts ensue

    Windows on ARMGet out a pinch of salt as a new rumor from Engadget is stating that the Microsoft Surface for Windows RT will cost a budget friendly $199.00. The source, of course, is anonymous but the price point, which we hope is true, will make the Surface RT an extremely attractive product in the mobile segment. 

  • Collaborating to deliver Windows RT PCs

    Windows on ARMWindows 8 and Windows RT each reached the RTM milestone, and we are hard at work in collaboration with ecosystem partners, including PC manufacturers, Silicon partners, and other component suppliers, to complete high quality Windows RT and Windows 8 PCs that we think you'll love. We're very excited about the designs PC manufacturing partners have built on the foundation of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

  • Windows RT: Office and Certified Peripherals information uncovered

    Windows on ARMWhile we all anxiously wait for the Microsoft Surface/Windows RT to arrive, a few new details have been uncovered from a variety of sources about the latest hardware/software package from Microsoft. The first bit of news is that Microsoft has quietly updated its Surface website with new text at the bottom that gives us a bit of new information about the platform.

  • Surface RT pricing will tell us how confident Microsoft is about Windows 8

    Windows on ARMIt's an exciting time to be following Microsoft as the company is in the process of unifying its products with the Metro design language and is once again pushing boundaries with a new user interface. Admittedly, Microsoft once again finds itself late to the party as Apple has already delivered on this cross-functionality and while Microsoft did have this ability, it was not implemented in a way that encouraged the consumer to invoke interoperability on their devices.

  • Under The Surface, Microsoft's ARM Tablet Is A Terrible Mistake

    Windows on ARMThere's no nice way to say it: Google's Fire-fighting Nexus 7 aside, the mobile market's various Android slates simply aren't cutting it. When it comes to iPad, there just doesn't seem to be a true king-of-the-hill contender anywhere in sight. Unfortunately, that reality extends far beyond Android, settling now more than ever into the entire realm of consumer electronics.

  • How Microsoft Surface Tablets Compare in a Crowded Market

    Windows on ARMAnalysis: The ARM-based Surface for Windows RT may compete with other tablets, but the Surface for Windows Pro will more likely go up against Ultrabooks. - During their splashy press conference on Monday, Steve Ballmer and the other Microsoft execs referred to the company's upcoming Surface devices as tablets. So it makes sense to compare them to other tablets, right?

  • Microsoft outsource Surface tablets to Pegatron; expected prices above US$599

    Windows on ARMSources from notebook players have revealed that Microsoft's 10.6-inch Surface tablet PCs will be outsourced to Pegatron Technology for assembly; however, there is still not a firm estimate for order volumes.

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