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  • Microsoft to sell Surface RT for $99 at WPC

    Windows on ARMIf you are headed to Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) next month and were envious of the $99 Surface offer at TechEd, Microsoft will be extending that offer to anyone who attends the conference.

  • Surface RT not selling? Microsoft throws in a free cover

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft began to sell its first tablet, the Surface RT, back on October 26, 2012, and added the Surface Pro in February 2013. Since then, sales figures have been less than stellar (well, possibly). This brings Microsoft to an interesting point -- it is time for desperate measures. In other words, the company is holding a fire sale. Of sorts.

  • New Surface RT commercial emphasizes features

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft's first commercials for its Surface tablets emphasized the optional keyboard covers, though little focus was placed on the features of the tablet itself. The company's latest commercial does the opposite.

  • Is Microsoft's Surface RT outselling Google's Nexus 10?

    Windows on ARMMuch as been made about the slow sales of Microsoft's Surface tablet line, but it may be Google that's having more trouble selling its tablets if information extrapolated by an analyst is correct.

  • PowerDVD Mobile Walkthrough on Surface Windows RT

    Windows on ARMIn this video Jim takes us through a walkthrough of CyberLink's PowerDVD Mobile for the Microsoft Surface running Windows RT. If you like the video, please click the Like button, and please subscribe to our channel. All original content belongs to Connected Digital World.

  • Today's Surface RT update to fix more WiFi bugs in tablet

    Windows on ARMA few weeks ago, Microsoft promised to offer more software updates for its Surface family of hardware products, including the Windows RT-based Surface RT tablet. One of the most long standing issues with the Surface RT has been with its WiFi connectivity. Today, Microsoft plans to issue a new software update to the tablet that concentrates on fixing some WiFi-related issues.

  • Microsoft Surface head: Surface Pro is a PC, Surface RT is a tablet

    Windows on ARMYou might look at the Surface RT and the Surface Pro devices that Microsoft has launched and think that both of them are supposed to be tablets. After all, both have basically the same tablet-style form factor, with a 10.6 inch touchscreen, and both devices have optional Touch and Type covers to serve as keyboards. So that makes the Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, right?

  • Surface RT software update improves WiFi and Type/Touch covers

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has released a number of automatic software updates today for various products. We have already reported on the security updates coming for Windows 8, Windows RT and various versions of Internet Explorer. We have also reported that IE10 for Windows 8 and RT will now have its integrated Flash support turned on as the default.

  • Surface RT and Windows RT: does the overseas market hold the key to their success? (opinion)

    Windows on ARMThe Surface RT tablet and the Windows RT operating system created quite a stir when they were released last October, but the wait-and-see approach some PC manufacturers have taken towards the Windows RT operating system, and the rise of the Surface RT's big brother, the Surface Windows 8 Pro, might be a real threat to their survival in the US.

  • Microsoft's Surface RT comes to 13 new European markets

    Windows on ARMMore than three months after Microsoft launched Surface RT in the UK and other European markets the device is now taking on several new countries on the continent.

  • Microsoft Surface RT to be sold in more countries Feb. 14th

    Windows on ARMAs consumers in North America get ready to buy the Surface Pro on Saturday, there's word that the current Surface RT product will actually be expanding its reach into a number of new European countries; the reveal comes as part of Microsoft's overall Surface announcements today.

  • Have a Surface RT? You can trade it in towards the purchase of a Surface Pro

    Windows on ARMHere is a bit of interesting news we learned today. If you purchased a Surface RT and are interested in buying a Surface Pro, Microsoft will offer you a credit for your trade-in towards the purchase of a Pro. We called two Microsoft's stores and both confirmed that there is a deal in place but required us to come in to learn more about the offer and would not give us more details over the phone.

  • High Surface RT returns could point to deeper problems for Windows RT

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft's Surface RT tablet has a sales problem, according to new analyst estimates. Despite the almost omnipresent Surface RT advertising blitz that has been blanketing television screens for months now, IHS iSuppli believes that only 680,000 to 750,000 of the tablets have sold since the slate's October 26 launch, while IDC released a report Thursday stating that Microsoft only shipped 900,000 Surface RT tablets to retail.

  • Microsoft Surface RT tablet to be sold at Costco

    Windows on ARMOn Thursday, Microsoft's CFO Peter Klein said we can expect to see more distribution channels for the company's Surface tablet line. Today, there's word that in the U.S., the Windows RT version of Surface will soon go on sale in Costco stores.

  • Microsoft reveals Surface Windows RT will arrive in Ireland 14 February

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft's own-branded Surface tablet computers based on Windows RT will arrive in its online store for 13 European markets, including Ireland, on 14 February. The tablet computer will 'surface' in computer retail outlets in the weeks ahead.

  • Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Surface (and Windows RT) with 50+ Tips and Tricks

    Windows on ARMDevelopment and tweaks for the Microsoft Surface have been been catching steam lately. There are a group of developers porting regular Windows applications to Windows RT. There are also a couple of ways to alter touch screen settings. However, Windows RT is still a brand new operating system, and people using it for the first time may have some trouble getting around. It is with that in mind that a comprehensive guide was released that contains more than 50 tips and tricks.

  • Microsoft security patch is big trouble for some Surface RT users

    Windows on ARMWindows Update is supposed to keep Surface RT shipshape, particularly Security Tuesday updates. But the January 8 bundle causes problems for some Surface users, and Microsoft acknowledges there is an issue.

  • Microsoft videos: Surface RT is for fun but Surface Pro is for work

    Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft started its marketing campaign for the Windows RT version of the Surface tablet in October, it released a video that showed the device being used by a variety of people. With the exception of someone using the included version of Office RT for a few seconds, the video shows the tablet as a consumer device for fun: playing games, watching movies and webcam chats with friends.

  • Samsung ATIV Tab Review: A Tablet To Hold Your Breath For?

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft set the standard for Windows RT-based hardware, but is there still room for partners to sell compelling alternatives? We take our first Qualcomm-powered Windows RT tablet for a spin to determine if Samsung's ATIV Tab is worth waiting for.

  • Microsoft Surface RT Goes on Sale at Canadian Retailers

    Windows on ARMEven though everybody's waiting for the Surface with Windows 8 Pro, Microsoft continues its expansion plans for the RT version of the tablet, with a new announcement for Canadian users.

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