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Windows on ARMSoftware developers have managed to create a fully-working jailbreak tool for Windows RT approximately one month ago, so the list of apps specifically ported to be used on unlocked devices is getting bigger.

Microsoft initially applauded the researchers behind the hack, but then hinted that it may block the jailbreak at some point.

Well, the jailbreak tool is still available and the number of apps that can be used on a jailbroken Windows RT tablet is quite impressive, including popular entries such as Superputty, Synergy, Rainmeter, VirtuaWin and Quake.

What's more, the software developers currently involved in this project have also suggested that more famous apps may be ported to Windows RT, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Thunderbird, OpenVPN and a few other solutions are also likely to make their way to Microsoft's tablet operating system.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT