Windows RT Not Going to Die Soon, Former Windows Boss Says

2014-Feb-27 | Tags: analysisopinion

Windows on ARMSeveral device manufacturers around the world have already criticized Windows RT and even abandoned it completely, deciding to stick to the full version of Windows 8 to provide support for traditional software to buyers.

Recently, Julie Larson-Green, Microsoft’s former Windows boss who’s now taking over a new role within the company, hinted that Windows RT and Windows Phone could merge very soon, most likely because the tablet-oriented operating system isn’t quite a successful product right now.

“Terry Myerson and the OS group are really looking at how we make sure we've got a world-class mobile operating system moving forward, and what will that mean for our tablet and mobile strategy. I think there's a lot of opportunities to do some things there that take that forward in an interesting way,” she recently said during the Goldman Sachs tech conference.

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