• Why I want a Windows RT (ARM) tablet

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has now announced that the first Windows RT tablets will come from Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, and from Microsoft itself with Surface.

  • Lenovo Preparing Windows RT Convertible Tablet

    Windows on ARMSome months ago, Lenovo has revealed the Yoga convertible notebook/tablet concept that has a revolving screen. Practically, the lid can be pushed back a full 360 degrees to make it cover the back of the notebook, thus leaving the screen and the keyboard on the outside.

  • Dell Becomes Part of Windows RT Launch Plans, HP Doesn't Go Anywhere

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has a very limited list of companies allowed to launch Windows RT-loaded tablets at the same time as its Surface, but that list has gone through some unexpected changes. Either that, or the maker of the Windows 8 operating system has always had the same list in mind but the web followed false leads.

  • Few companies allowed to build Windows RT tablets

    Windows on ARMIt's been known that Microsoft plans on imposing strict restrictions on Windows RT device manufacturers, but now it appears there will only be a select few companies even allowed to build Windows RT devices until January. According to a new report, just six OEMs are being allowed to develop the first Windows RT devices until next year, which will feature chipsets from three companies.

  • It's official, Windows RT tablets on ARM will include the new Office 2013 with Skype integration for free

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft is charging ahead with its presentation of the wholly revamped for touch new Office as we speak, which is, as expected, done first and foremost with the cloud in mind, so buyers will be getting 20GB of SkyDrive storage extra for free, and will work across Windows device, including WP8 phones.

  • Samsung Plans Windows RT Tablet for October

    Windows on ARMSamsung Electronics Co. (005930), the largest phone maker, will release a tablet that features Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) (MSFT)'s Windows RT software when the operating system debuts, people with knowledge of the matter said.

  • Qualcomm bets on Windows RT tablets and hybrids

    Windows on ARMSummary: At Qualcomm's developer conference, CEO Paul Jacobs said tablets with its Snapdragon processor will be available when Windows RT launches.But will many hardware makers rush to challenge low-priced Android tablets, Apple's iPad and Microsoft's own Surface?

  • Manufacturers having problems getting Windows RT to work with tablets?

    Windows on ARMPC manufacturers are already taking it on the chin with Microsoft's announcement of its own Surface tablets -- which will put the company in the awkward position of competing against the same hardware partners that stick Windows in their computers -- but now they may be facing an additional problem with their slates.

  • Under The Surface, Microsoft's ARM Tablet Is A Terrible Mistake

    Windows on ARMThere's no nice way to say it: Google's Fire-fighting Nexus 7 aside, the mobile market's various Android slates simply aren't cutting it. When it comes to iPad, there just doesn't seem to be a true king-of-the-hill contender anywhere in sight. Unfortunately, that reality extends far beyond Android, settling now more than ever into the entire realm of consumer electronics.

  • DisARMed - HP Kills ARM-based Windows Tablet, Likely Thanks To Microsoft's Surface

    Windows on ARMThat didn't take long. HP has publicly confirmed that it has cancelled plans to bring a Windows RT (aka Windows on ARM) tablet to market in time for the Windows 8 debut. The company has decided to focus on its x86 customer base instead. HP spokesperson Marlene Somsak has said that "The decision was influenced by input from our customers. The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future."

  • Microsoft Surface RT

    Windows on ARMThe tablet wars are no longer a two-horse race between Apple and Google. At a press event in Los Angeles today, Microsoft today unveiled Surface, a line of tablet devices running the company's next-generation Windows operating system.

  • FAQ: All about Windows RT, the OS behind a Microsoft tablet

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - The Internet began boisterously buzzing last week that Microsoft will unveil its own tablet later today, perhaps one powered by Windows RT, the offshoot of Windows 8.

  • Toshiba Windows RT tablet shown in new video

    Windows on ARMLast week at Computex, Toshiba showed off some concept designs for a number of tablets designed for Microsoft's Windows 8. However, it's possible that one or more of these designs may not actually come to store shelves. This week, the AnandTech website posted up a new video showing a Toshiba tablet actually running on Windows RT (also known as Windows 8 ARM).

  • Microsoft's pricing could kill Windows RT, Windows-powered ARM tablets

    Windows on ARMAccording to multiple hardware vendors, Microsoft is charging OEMs as much as $95 for each Windows RT license. Tech site VR-Zone quizzed a number of hardware vendors on the convention floor at Computex Taipei and $85 was "the most commonly quoted price" for a Windows RT license for ARM-powered tablets, with quoted prices ranging between $80 and $95.

  • Dell Windows RT tablet in October, Windows 8 tablet to follow?

    Windows on ARMLeaked documents had already suggested that Dell was getting ready to release a 10 inch tablet with an Intel Atom processor and Windows 8 operating system later this year. Now the folks at Neowin have obtained some more information suggesting that the Dell Latitude 10 will arrive sometime between November and January.

  • Actual Windows RT tablet sees the light of day. Should anyone care?

    Windows on ARMThe Computex trade show in Taipei, which wrapped up on June 9, was a bit of a coming out party for Windows RT. Not because Microsoft made any major announcements about it, but because actual devices — not crude development platforms — were on display running the OS. NVIDIA in particular showed off a sleek Windows RT tablet from Asus built around NVIDIA's Tegra 3 quad-plus-one core mobile system on a chip (SoC).

  • Windows 8 RT on a $68 7" VIA 8850 ARM Cortex-A9 Tablet by Eken

    Windows on ARMIt looks like Windows 8 RT anyways, it's though just a home replacement on top of Android, it can be argued that this setup doesn't have to be much less smooth than a native "real" Windows 8 RT device.

  • A closer look at the Asus Tablet 600 and Windows RT (video)

    Windows on ARMWe just met with Nvidia here at Computex Taipei to take a more in-depth look at the Asus Tablet 600, the first Windows RT device to be announced. While no other OEMs have announced RT machines so far, Nvidia's Tegra 3 system-on-chip will be powering each one at launch, and the company expects Microsoft's ARM-powered OS to be made available at the same time as Windows 8.

  • Windows RT Tablets Could Cost $500 to $700

    Windows on ARMWindows RT tablets could cost $500 to $700 -- too high to make them viable in a market filled with less expensive tablets, according to an IDC analyst who researched costs with device manufacturers and component suppliers."My biggest concern is that Windows RT tablets could be many times more expensive than the Amazon Fire price of $200 -- even something as high as $599 and above, which is a concern for their viability," said IDC analyst Tom Mainelli, in a telephone interview.

  • iPad May Be Cheaper And More Business-Friendly Than Windows RT Tablets

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft may end up facing even steeper competition in the tablet arena than it expected. Seeking to establish a a foothold in the tablet market at a lower price point than full fledged Windows 8 tablets, Microsoft developed Windows RT. Windows RT is a variation of Windows 8 that will run on tablets powered by ARM processors rather than Intel x86/x64 chips.

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