• Intel, AMD dally with Windows 8 on ARM

    Windows on ARMSeptember 18, 2012, 8:29 AM — It's getting so you need a scorecard to keep up with the relationships between Linux and ARM chips these days.

  • Windows RT vs Windows 8: Which is best?

    Windows on ARMWe examine what distinguishes Windows 8 from Windows RT and which has more promise - Following the IFA 2012 conference there's now an extensive catalogue of Windows 8-based devices to mull over ahead of Microsoft's official October 26 launch.

  • Windows 8 VS Windows RT – What’s The Difference Between These Two Windows 8 Versions?

    Windows on ARMBack in the early stages of Windows 8, Microsoft announced that there would be 4 different versions of Windows 8. Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT. The first 3 are fairly obvious as to what the differences are but what's Windows RT all about? Not everyone knew about this "RT" version of Windows 8 until Microsoft revealed their Surface Tablets.

  • Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT: 8 Key Differences

    Windows on ARMWhen Microsoft launches Windows 8 on October 26, it also will unveil Windows RT, a new version of Microsoft's operating system designed specifically for ARM-based devices. Windows 8 and Windows RT have much in common, particularly the Modern UI Style (formerly Metro) design, with Live Tiles that dynamically display personalized information such as the current weather or the number of messages in your inbox. However, they have dramatic differences as well, most notably Windows RT's inability to run legacy (Intel X86-based) Windows apps.

  • Windows 8 vs Windows RT - 2

    Windows on ARMMark Spoonauer, Ed Bott and Mary Jo Foley's roundtable discussion on Windows 8 vs Windows RT.

  • Is Microsoft planning to ditch Intel post-Windows 8?

    Windows on ARMIt's a radical thought. What if Microsoft is secretly planning to ditch Intel? With all of the recent talk about Windows RT"PCs", distinctions between the consumer roles associated with RT-based devices and the more traditional PC roles normally reserved for Intel-based systems have become blurred.

  • On ARM versus x86: Part II

    Windows on ARMYes, there are some downsides to RISC processors. For one, as I mentioned earlier, certain tasks (like floating point operations or division) can't be performed with a single instruction except in some of the newer RISC designs.

  • On ARM versus x86

    Windows on ARMIt seems like everyone in the industry wants to compare ARM (and other variants of RISC processors) to x86 (and other variants of CISC processors). For example, analysts ask, can Intel muscle it's way into the mobile market? Can ARM sneak in the back door of the tablet, laptop, or even desktop markets? Who is faster, more powerful, cheaper, uses less power, less space, and generates less heat?

  • DisARMed - HP Kills ARM-based Windows Tablet, Likely Thanks To Microsoft's Surface

    Windows on ARMThat didn't take long. HP has publicly confirmed that it has cancelled plans to bring a Windows RT (aka Windows on ARM) tablet to market in time for the Windows 8 debut. The company has decided to focus on its x86 customer base instead. HP spokesperson Marlene Somsak has said that "The decision was influenced by input from our customers. The robust and established ecosystem of x86 applications provides the best customer experience at this time and in the immediate future."

  • Windows 8 vs Windows RT: what's the difference?

    Windows on ARMWe're about to enjoy the biggest change in Windows since the Rolling Stones helped start Windows 95: when Windows 8 ships later this year, it will come in three key flavours.

  • How Microsoft Surface Tablets Compare in a Crowded Market

    Windows on ARMAnalysis: The ARM-based Surface for Windows RT may compete with other tablets, but the Surface for Windows Pro will more likely go up against Ultrabooks. - During their splashy press conference on Monday, Steve Ballmer and the other Microsoft execs referred to the company's upcoming Surface devices as tablets. So it makes sense to compare them to other tablets, right?

  • HTG Explains: What Is Windows RT and What Does It Mean To Me?

    Windows on ARMWindows RT is a special edition of Windows 8. It runs on ARM and you’ll find it alongside Intel x86 machines in stores, but you’ll be surprised just how much Windows RT differs from the Windows you know.

  • If true, Microsoft is damning Windows RT tablets before they hit retail

    Windows on ARMIf a new report from is accurate, Microsoft could very well be shooting itself in the foot when it comes to marketing their Windows RT (formerly 'Windows on ARM' or 'WOA') tablets. The report states that Microsoft is charging $85-90 per license with $85 being the most common price quoted. 

  • Intel, ARM Trade Barbs Over Windows 8, RT

    Windows on ARMWith the big release of Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system fast approaching, the war of words between Intel and ARM has become more heated as the rivals gear up for the release of new touch-based devices with their processors.

  • Windows 8 RT Not Heading to Intel’s SOC

    Windows on ARMScrolling through my twitter feed it became clear quickly that there were questions about if we would Windows RT running on Intel architecture. There are two versions of Windows 8, the full edition with the option of the familiar desk top and Windows 8 RT which is basically just the Metro UI.

  • Windows 8 on x86 Devices, Not ARM Best Choice for Enterprises: IDC

    Windows on ARMAn IDC analyst says x86 architecture devices would be more compatible with existing Windows environments for businesses. With ARM, Windows 8 devices "might as well be an iPad," said Paul Gillen, IDC program vice president for system software research.

  • 5 Reasons why Windows RT might not work

    Windows on ARMWindows 8-based tablets are all set for a November launch and frankly, we are quite kicked about it, since more competition is always a good thing for the consumer, that's you and me. Microsoft has a lot riding on their new Operating System, as not only is it being released for desktop PCs, for the first time, we'll be seeing ARM-based devices also run Windows, which opens new doors for the software giant, as they can now reach out to a much wider crowd.

  • Qualcomm Super ARM CPU Benchmark Revealed

    Windows on ARMIt seems that ARM's Cortex A15 architecture is getting ready to deliver yet another blow to Intel's low-performing Atom. A new Qualcomm ARM CPU has apparently made some waves on the GLBenchmark database.

  • IT Horrors With Windows 8 for Intel & ARM

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft has announced the various upcoming versions of Windows, which I predict will create massive annoyances, confusion, and probably anger for consumers and employees alike. IT departments, start buying cases of headache remedies.

  • Windows Weekly with Paul Thurrott and Mary Jo Foley

    Windows on ARMThis week's Windows Weekly broadcast spends about 20 minutes (from 2:00 to just past 20:00) on the topic of Microsoft banning competing browsers from Windows on ARM.

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