Windows on ARMWindows 8 on a tablet may take more work than Windows 8 on a PC - While Windows 8 will still find itself home in x86 and x64 desktops and laptops, it will be a major foray into the ARM-based device space. ARM chips are what power nearly all of today's major smartphones and tablets, and that's an area that Microsoft wants Windows to invade.

Windows on ARMARM prototype tablets and devices will be among those running Windows 8 at Microsoft's Build conference this week - Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS running on ARM prototype tablets and other devices will be open for developer scrutiny at the software giant's Build conference this week.

Windows on ARMIntel and challenger ARM are set for a PC showdown this week as competition heats up to redefine the laptop and reverse the sagging fortunes of the PC market. Intel this week at its Intel Developer Forum developer show will provide further details on the rollout of ultrabooks, which have been described as thin and light PCs with tablet-like features. The chip maker is also expected to talk up Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 OS at the show, which will be held in San Francisco Tuesday through Thursday.

Windows on ARMMicrosoft's next big catalyst is Windows 8, and from the early looks of things, it blows away its past predecessors.There was a demonstration done recently where the boot time was the fastest in Microsoft's history. On a regular laptop, it was even faster an Apple MacBook, which is known for its fast start times. Historically, this has been a major complaint of Windows users. From the looks of those videos, end users will not be complaining anymore.

Windows on ARMIntel may be celebrating all things x86 at its annual developer forum in San Francisco, but that didn't stop Microsoft from talking up ARM in all of its RISC-based glory at the BUILD conference in Anaheim. Although the two industry heavyweights continue to profess their love for each other, it is quite clear that a definite chill has permeated the once cozy WinTel relationship.

Windows on ARMMicrosoft today painted a radical vision of computing's future, demonstrating several Windows 8 features running on a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra-powered tablet. Speaking at the company's BUILD developer conference in Anaheim, Calif., Mike Angulio, Microsoft's VP of Windows planning, demonstrated:

Windows on ARMThe matter of whether existing Windows applications will run on Windows 8 on ARM – putting them on tablets – has been kicked back and forth a lot this year. Intel this spring pointed out that Windows applications running on x86 for PCs won't run on Windows 8 on ARM.

Windows on ARMSummary: Intel splits Windows 8 into two parts—the legacy PC version that plays to Wintel—and the one venturing into mobile devices. - Intel CFO Stacy Smith said Wednesday that the company doesn't fear Windows 8 on the ARM architecture and that it will win its fair share of the tablet business.

Windows on ARMNvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang says that his company's Tegra processor will be in both tablets and PCs running Windows 8 by the end of 2012. According to Huang, a $199 ARM-powered PC categorized as "bottom-of-the-barrel" by today's x86 standards will be be nothing short of "exquisite" when running Windows 8.

Windows on ARMWhile this year's IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin is a bonanza for anyone looking forward to buying an Ultrabook, there's another portable device which is conspicuous in its absence: ARM-powered laptops.

Windows on ARMDetails about Windows 8, Microsoft's newest operating system expected in 2012, have been leaking out thanks largely to Microsoft previews and a stream of blog posts on the company's Building Windows 8 blog.

Windows on ARMMicrosoft appears to be preparing a Windows 8 tablet for BUILD attendees. - The software giant demonstrated an unknown quad-core Windows slate on Thursday at its Tech-Ed New Zealand conference.

Windows on ARMLinux creator Linus Torvalds used his appearance at LinuxCon 2011 on Wednesday to criticise chip maker ARM for failing to build a coherent community around its products.

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has been working on its ARM-supporting Windows version and, since tests are already being carried out, companies, in this case Dell, have started to come forth and say their piece.

Windows on ARMTHE SMARTPHONE AND TABLET ecosystem based on ARM chip designs is a hodge-podge of companies making random pieces of hardware and throwing things against the wall to see what ships, Linux creator Linus Torvalds said at Linuxcon yesterday.

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